Day 675: Thursday Stuff

Happy #BowtieThursday everyone!










Alright, let’s get busy!

Breakfast: I just had an English MacMuffin. Yumtastic. 4 points

Lunch: Megan and I met up on campus (between thunderstorms) and went to Pollo Tropical for lunch. There is nothing better than chicken, rice and black beans. Fantastic. 11 points

When I was at work, I had four Goldfish crackers and a lemon cookie. Nothing major. 2 points?








Dinner: Megan made some awesome Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup for dinner. I had one and a half serving with a little cheese and sour cream. It was about 9 points. For dessert, Megan and I shared some froyo and it was only 2 points! 

SAWS: I ran a crapton today and burned 671 calories. I can’t flippin’ wait for the Trojan 5k on Saturday. I think we figured out the route and it’s going to be hilly. Can’t wait.

When I got home, I had 5 points worth of popcorn. Stellarkart.

So today I got to around 33 points so with the awesome calorie torchin’ I’m in good shape. See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 675: Thursday Stuff

  1. I def think that you need to run the 5K sporting an old bow-tie from Goodwill or something. It would really give the race the Nathan treatment. Thoughts?

    • That would be awesome. Running in a collared-shirt however sounds miserable lol. We might run a Halloween 5k where dressing up is encouraged. Maybe I’ll run as a Chippendale dancer or as Dr. Who.

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