Listening to all of Great Britian singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” was the highlight of these Olympic games in my opinion.

I know some people are ragging on the Closing Ceremonies, but I mean come on, they have artists from all time periods, hilariously weird acts and two epic posthumous performances by Lennon and Mercury. That’s pretty hard to beat. (Not to mention The Pet Shop Boys kicking butt with some “West End Girls” while the children of the creepy triangle guy from Silent Hill ride around on bicycles.)

Anyway, so today was pretty good food wise. I ate my share, but I was definitely mindful of an impending weigh in on Tuesday. One thing that I didn’t do was drink enough water. It sucks when you leave your Tervis at work all weekend when you’re use to having it by your side at all times. Awe well, that’s how it goes I guess. Alright, let’s talk food…

Breakfast: I had two servings of the ever-awesome Kashi Go Lean Berry deliciousness. One of the most filling breakfasts you can have.

Lunch: OUR FRIEND JULIE IS BACK!!! So after church, we went and ate some delicious Pho and catch up. I had the rice noodles with pork. It was filling, but it’s definitely the most sodium-intense meal that I eat (which explains why I have been so thirsty today. It is what it is.)

Snack: I had some popcorn and a cup of Cheerios this afternoon while watching these Olympics.
Dinner: For dinner, we had leftover chili with rice. Nothing new. But we did have an awesome dessert: victory bread! We each had a few slices of Megan’s victory chocolate chip bread with some spray butter.

So overall today was pretty good, but I’m interested to see where I’ll be on Tuesday. I didn’t do a ton of exercise today like I was suppose to (some non-running activity) but I was pretty sore from the run yesterday. It took a lot out of me. See ya tomorrow.

P.S. this week is going to be awesome because my sister and dad will be here!!!! Can’t wait!!!!



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