Day 680: Weigh In Day

So today is the anniversary of losing 100 pounds. That’s right folk, I have kept at least 100 pounds off for one whole year. I feel that’s a pretty awesome accomplishment. I’m just going to keep looking forward and being awesome.

Speaking of awesome, today is weigh in day! I lost .8 pounds this week! I am down to flippin’ 231.2. I know it’s not a ton, but I have been consistently losing. While I want to be below 200 now, I’m absolutely cool with going low and slow. I’ve got nothing but time.

(I’m going to speed this up a little because I have to get up extra early tomorrow for work and it’s already past my bedtime.)

Breakfast: I had 5 points of 1.5 tbsp peanut butter and toast.

Lunch: I had leftover macaroni from last night. I also had some cheerios too. 9ish points

Snack: We weren’t running until around 7 so I had another round of peanut butter toast 5 points

SAWS: Today was a four-miler and luckily it is cooling off during the evening (since it monsoons every afternoon. I think I am finally acclimating to this bizarre Tropical/Deep South hybrid of a climate.) Anyway, I ran a pretty rough trail while having to pee the whole time. Not gonna lie, I was ready to run in to the woods and answer nature’s call, but with my luck, I would have gotten caught and send to straight to jail or some ridiculousness. Anyway, it was an awesome run. Good times.







Dinner: We had to stay on that side of town for a little while, so we decided to get some Sonny’s deliciousness. Megan and I both did the smoked turkey sandwich combo. Instead of fries, I had the baked beans. It was only 17 points which isn’t bad for BBQ since it’s generally pretty high.

So I got to 36 point and I burned about 667 calories so I’m in good pretty good shape. Hooray! See ya tomorrow.


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