Day 689: Thursday Stuff

Why hello!

Today was pretty good stuff. I did snack some, but nothing too major. It’s hard not to when you run in the evening and you come hungry. No bueno.

Anyway, let’s talk food.

Also, Arrested Development is amazing. I heart this show so much.

Breakfast: I just had peanut butter on a bagel thin because I am creative when it comes to breakfast.

Lunch: Megan and I met up for lunch at Subway and then went over to Atomic for some amazing caffeinated deliciousness (it was a busy morning.) I had a medici latte and Megan had a honey bear latte (which is deliciously pictured to the left.)

Also, this is me in a bow tie.








Run: Today was Runday Thursday! We went out to Southwood when it looked like the apocalypse was about to hit (but evidently that’s coming early next week) and I went for a quick 3.5 miler. I got my mile time down which felt pretty good. I’m going to run 6 on Sunday which is going to be beastly. Also, I wore my favorite sweatband. Princess power all the way (wait…)


For dinner, I had some spaghetti. Nothing too fancy but it did the trick.

So that’s about it for the day. Huzzah. See ya tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day 689: Thursday Stuff

    • Well, running and I haven’t always been BFFs. It took a lot of time, frustration and sweat to get to where we are at this point. Like most things, you have to be okay with sucking at it for a while until it clicks for you. What about biking or spinning?

      • I don’t have a bike, and spinning costs the blangblang. I do go to the gym, I do tons of cardio there. I just WANT to like running outside. I guess I’ll have to tough it out and make it love ME!

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