An Awesome Blog To Follow

Sun Salutations my little reading friends!


So I didn’t write a post last night (as you made have noticed,) so in lieu of some ridiculous thing I’ve written, I think you should check out this awesome blog instead! 

Once upon a time, Megan and I were BFFs with a guy who loved the tuba. While I was always apathetic to the Medieval instrument, that all changed when I met James Green. James is a tuba stud. He is currently at The Ohio State University pursuing a Doctorate in Tuba Performance. (I personally think James should change his name just to “Dr. Tuba” which sounds like an awesome comic book villain name.)

Anyway, like me, James has always struggled with his weight and he recently started C25K! His blog is about everything from weight loss to the joys of school and other awesomeness. So check out his blog Soon to be Doctor Tuba, Well in 3 Years!

Now here’s a picture of Lil Bub, the cutest cat on the interwebs.


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