Day 694: Weigh In Stuff

King of the Hill is awesome. That’s all that needs to be said about that.

So I knew that I wasn’t going to be down to where I was before our Disney trip weight-wise, but I was definitely shooting for at least a loss. I am definitely hoping to be back where I was and then some by my two-year blogaversary on September 18th. This week, I lost 1.6 pounds which is a pretty good lost considering the way I ate on Saturday (more about that in a bit…)

Breakfast: I had a bowl of Back to Nature Cranberry Pecan granola cereal. IT was delicious and filling. I also had a banana and drank a bunch of water.

Lunch: I went home and made a sandwich. The turkey we bought from Publix tastes the way Pay-Less Shoes smells. Anyway, I also had some chips and salsa with some Corn Flakes. I also had a Fiber One bar for my afternoon snack.

Dinner: I had some leftover chili from last night. Nothing too fancy. Then I had a banana before it was time to go for a run in Southwood.

Brutal Run: Today was one rough run. It had just rained so it was particularly humid. It felt like I was wearing a sweater when I was running. By the first half mile I was already covered in sweat. Today, I didn’t break any land speed records, it was more of a detox run. I ate a lot of junk (delicious junk that is) this weekend so it felt like my body was sweating all of that out so I could get back to my regularly scheduled weight loss. It also didn’t help that I was still sore from playing softball. My quads and groin were completely sore from sitting down all day so running was pretty rough too.
fun stuff.

Snack When we got home, I had some popcorn while watching Adventure Time (also an awesome show.)

So that’s all for today. Wordless Wednesday next. See ya tomorrow.


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