Day 707: Monday.

Monday Night Football makes Mondays worth it. The Ravens are raw.

So today wasn’t near as epic as this weekend (because it is Monday after all…) but tomorrow should be better. Or at least I hope so.

One thing I do know though is that my weight has been in a weird flux this week. I won’t divulge numbers here, but at one point there was a six-pound differential. It’s something that I used to have really bothered me, but that kind of stuff is easier to deal with when you know you’re doing things right. You know it means you’re body is just being silly, rather than “you are treating me wrong so I will response with gaining.” Does that make any sense? Let’s talk food.

This morning, I just had the same ol’ english muffin and peanut butter. Luckily, I bought some breakfast goodies this evening so that’s exciting (I guess…)

Since Megan was swamped with doctoral stuff, I brought over some to here during her office hours. I went to Panda Express (which actually has some healthier entrees) and we split a three entree. When I was in high school, I would get a triple order of orange chicken and eat it with lo mein noodles and regular soda. Today megan and I split it and I was stuffed. I’ve come a long way.

For Dinner, we had some delicious spaghetti with chicken italian sausage. It was amazing.

I had some almonds and a banana for my post dinner snack.

So that’s about it. Nothing too bad at all.
I’m interested to see where I’ll be tomorrow morning, either way, good things are happening and it’s exciting. See ya tomorrow.


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