Day 708: Weigh In Time!

So I’m going to keep this brief because I smell, I’m tired and I want to sleep.

Here’s the breakdown of my day…

I lost .6 pounds this week so I’m down to 231. SSSSSSOOOOOOO CLOSE TO GETTING OUT OF THE 230’s!!!!!!

Also, I was pulled over on the way home from a 9 pm church softball game that got out around 10:45. I was going a little fast down a hill and I had a headlight out (yep, Malibu Stacy is a cyclops right now) but I got by with a warning. Between you and me and the Internet, I smelled to high Heaven between the softball game and running before said softball game. I think, like the common skunk, my smell was my disarming ability.

Also, if you want to scare a opossum away, pop open an umbrella. That is all.

See ya tomorrow.

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