Day 737: Weigh In And Phil’s Birthday!

Alright, I’m not feeling well at all. It was one of those things where you finally sit down and relax for a moment and then it hits you like a sack of bricks. No bueno. So here we go!

First off, I lost .4 this week so I’m down to 228 even. Not too shabby considering I lost 2.6 last week. Hopefully I can keep my eating in check this week and have a much lower number this time next week.


Also, I’m running a 10k next Saturday (10/6) and I’m stressing out a little bit about it. I’m also going to run nine miles this saturday to see how that goes. Again, I’m pretty nervous about that because it’s going to be my furthest run yet by two whole miles (which is a lot.)


Alright, back to more fun stuff.

For breakfast I had an cheese bagel. Not the best choice.

I went to a luncheon this morning where they had a light lunch of pizza, veggies and cookies (since when did pizza fall in to the category of light lunch?)

I had my first non-fat chai tea latte of the season. While I love me some pumpkin spice latte, chai’s are just as fallish in my book. I feel like I’m forcing fall a little too much. I wanted to wear a long-sleeve shirt with shorts to dinner tonight, but I realized I would be sweating like a hog so I nixed that plan. Like a lot of overweight kids, the hoodie was my best friend because it covered up my rolls (or I thought it did) so I use wear a hoodie starting the first week of October even if it still was 90 degrees (since Texas doesn’t believe in seasons.) Anyway, where was I?

I also went on a 2.5 mile run right after work because I knew dinner was going to be pretty high calorie. I was on pace to set a pretty good 5k time, but my allergies went nuts and something flew in to my eye that made it actually hurt, not just irritate, but physically hurt. 2.5 miles is still better than nothing!

So today is my friend Phillip’s birthday! He is the boo of my friend Andrea the Wolf who was in the same grad program as me! For his super birthday extravaganza, we went to Ted’s Montana Grill. I had never been, but I knew they were know for their awesome bison burgers. So, I went online to their website and looked at the nutritional info. While I picked a topping-heavy burger (guacamole, tomato jam, roasted peppers and pepper jack cheese) I picked the best toppings possible and instead of fries and/or onion rings (which looked insanely good) I just had a sweet potato and cinnamon sugar (no butter.) What’s also interesting is that I was going to get a salad instead, but my meal was still half the fat and way less calories. Their shrimp caesar salad was 1380 calories and 125 grams of fat!!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!!! That’s pretty ridiculous. I mean yeah, my burger was still 766 calories and 40 grams of fat, but I still saved a lot of calories by choosing a different side and just taking the time to pick the best option.

Overall, it’s been kind of a weird day, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are like that. Sorry for the lack of photos, but that’s what Wordless Wednesday is for! Hooray. See ya tomorrow.





One thought on “Day 737: Weigh In And Phil’s Birthday!

  1. I remember my first bison burger. It was at your place in Abilene, and minus the onions it was super juicy and tasty! I want a bison burger!

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