Day 749: Sunday and 10k Recap

Courtney Warren is a stud. Holla atcha girl.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions. I ran in my first 10k race and it took a toll on me. The course didn’t have any flat surfaces, it was all grass and it was hot and humid the whole race. It was insane but what an awesome experience. It made me realize how far I have come in the past two years. At 357 pounds, I didn’t even know how far a 10k was. I had dreams of running a marathon, but I knew that would never happen. Now, I’m on track to run a half marathon in less than 5 months. I’m so blessed to have friends, family readers who have been so supportive. Thanks for being awesome.

So I actually did really well for how beastly the race was. I also had another first this race… I PLACED IN MY AGE BRACKET! I got third with a time of 1:01:16. I was super close to getting second though, the second-place jerk ran it in 1:00:32! LESS THAN A MINUTE!!! Overall, I placed 55th out of 123. Either way, I’m super happy with this being my 10k baseline time. No matter how I place, I’m ultimately racing against myself every time. It was an epic first 10k. Whabam.

Oh yeah…I got two medals. Only 20 behind Michael Phelps.

Anyway…what was I saying?

Oh yeah…

So today I was pretty good with food, but yesterday I wasn’t great. I ate McDonald’s for the first time in almost three years but it’s not what you think. As I crossed the finish line, I went straight to the water station and then over to the abundance of free food everywhere. My body was yelling FEED ME NOW!!!!! so I grabbed the first thing I could find which was a sausage McMuffin. I actually only ate about 3/4 of it when I said that was enough of that. Then I found some bananas and oranges. For the rest of the day, I was just trying to recuperate so I ate my share of random stuff. It is what it is.

So today, Megan and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. I ordered the shrimp primavera and the lunch portion was only 10 points. I had two bowls of minestrone before we got our food because the soup is actually less calories than the salad (because of the dressing). Anyway, I asked for a to go box when I got my food and I brought most of it home and had it for dinner. I also ate four small apples (but not at the same time). They were amazing.

So that’s about it for today. I’m going to start a pushup challenge this week. More about that later. (Thanks for the push Jeff.)

See ya tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day 749: Sunday and 10k Recap

    • Thank you sir! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I’m just assuming you’re Canadian since you got to eat the most delicious thing in the world: Smarties ice cream lol.

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