760: Thursday Yo!

Greetings and Salutations yo!

Today I wasn’t great with my food, but sometimes that just happens. I was decently good the past few days and I was doing a lot of walking across campus. Today, I was in my office and not doing much else. Tomorrow, I’ll be doing my share of walking though… 🙂

For breakfast, I had a bagel at work. Nothing special.

For lunch, I had a ravioli Lean Cuisine that was not good and then I had two cups of Cheerios and a leaf-shaped cookie (not a cookie made of leaves.)

Today, I went for a run that started off really well and then just fell off. My first mile and a half was really strong, but then my eyes just started to burn horribly. It was frustrating, but you just deal with it. Either way, I’ll be running 4 miles on Saturday. Stoked for that.

For dinner, Megan and I had a pizza date at Pizza Hut. I had three slices of pepperoni and jalapeños with a salad.

Tonight, I had some Publix soft-serve frozen yogurt with half of a Heath bar and one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. If you want to put in to perspective how much candy you are putting on your froyo at your local froyo shop, buy your favorite candy topping in its packaged form and then put it on your yogurt. You realize that you’re putting too much toppings on your froyo. (I have no clue if any of that makes sense…)

So tomorrow will be full of walking and eating delicious foods from across the world… AT THIS PLACE!!!!!!


While there will be a certain amount of self control while being at the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT, the built in cost of trying everything will help with that. We’ll have to break out the pedometer and see how far we walk. So stoked! See ya tomorrow.


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