Day 792: Catching Up and a Challenge!

Before I begin this post, I would like to start with a haiku.
The bird has been bought.
Ready to go on a Trot
Almost Thanksgiving

Alright…back to our regularly scheduled boring blog post.



It’s been a while, but luckily things are slowing down…until they all get crazazy once again. Hooray for the holidays!

I feel like I need to catch you up on life because a lot of awesome stuff has been going on!

Thursday: Meet Alfred. He’s a fish…and he was delicious.
On Thursday night, we went over to Julie’s house for some Chinese deliciousness. Julie is one stud of a cook and knows how to make some epic Chinese food. She cooked up Alfred, along with a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes. I even tried something called a Century egg. A gelatinous duck egg. It was…interesting. It tasted like a hard-boiled egg dipped in coffee. Yum.








Friday: On Friday, our awesome ACU friends Phillip and Leah were driving through Tallahassee so we met up for dinner! We suggested the pizza mecca known as Momo’s (if you ever come through Tallahassee, that’s where we’ll take you!) Anyway, we got the XL Philly cheese steak pizza that’s the size of a small UFO. We all had our fill with leftovers to spare. It’s always awesome to see old friends, catch up on old times and to eat pizza.

Also, when you’re done reading this post, head on over to Phillip and Leah’s fantastic blog The Front Poarch! It’s full of awesome and creative projects that would even make Tim Taylor jealous!















Saturday was a doozie. It started with a ten-mile run. The longest run yet. I was only going for since I have the 15k Thanksgiving morning, but I really needed to see if I could actually run around nine miles. Challenge Accepted. We ran on the St. Marks trail that goes all the way from Tallahassee to the Gulf. The trail is beautiful, nice and flat, and the weather was fantastic. When I was done, my knees and ankles were sore, but I could have done 3.1 miles more to do a half-marathon distance if I wasn’t racing on Thursday. When I was obese, I always dreamed of running in a half marathon, but I knew that it would never be possible. Then, I put one foot in front of the other, and soon I was walking across the floor. Moral of the story: nothing is impossible.

Since I had burned around 1700 calories, I figured it was as good as ever to eat my last Twinkie. It was terrible. Should of had a Ding-Dong. RIP Hostess.

Then we went to Buca Di Beppo for dinner and ate meatballs the size of boulders.

Today! So today was pretty normal, ate tacos, ate leftovers. Nothing special.

So you might remember the hashtag #TenpoundsbyXmas on a post a few weeks ago. Well, that has become our mantra for a while. Then Megan was talking to our running buddies Erin and Becky about it, to which Becky said “want to make it interesting?” So now it has turned in to The Three Girls, A Guy And A Scale Challenge (name cred to Julie!) We have each put in $10 bucks and weighed in this morning. We are going to weigh in every Tuesday and whoever loses the most by January 4th wins the pot! But we were also thinking about basing it on either most weight lost or percentage lost. What do you think? Comment and let me know!!!! That’s seven weeks for those playing at home. I’ll have an update every Tuesday starting next week. I’m pretty stoked to be in this challenge! It’s going to hold me accountable during Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’m going to be really good with my points. Either way, we will all come away a little skinnier and a little healthier. Bring it on girls!!! See ya tomorrow.



One thought on “Day 792: Catching Up and a Challenge!

  1. I honestly think it should be a percentage. I think it is easier to lose weight the more you weigh, the more in pounds you can lose…but when you are 272 and losing 10 pounds is actually less than weighing 210 and losing 8 pounds.

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