Day 793: A Quick And Delicious Post

Why Hello!

I’m using Megan’s computer so I’m going to keep this brief. This is more of a food journal update.

Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter. What else is new?

Lunch: I had two tuna salad sandwiches with a little mayo (because there wasn’t much left), a little mustard, and some lemon juice. I usually add pickles, but we’re out. As per usual, I didn’t post a pic because it looks like I’m on a cat food diet or something. A delicious…delicious cat food diet.

Snacks: I had two handfuls of pistachios.

Dinner: CHILI! Except I accidentally made it pretty hot. I only had two cups (one serving) of chili with one cup of rice and very little sour cream and shredded cheese.

Snack: After dinner, I had a serving of Honey bunches of oats.

So I did really well today, not to mention I’ve drank about a gallon of water (or that’s what it feels like at least). Nothing much else going on really. My knees is really sore today so I’ve been trying to stretch it out. Hopefully it won’t give me any trouble but we’ll see. Also, I’M GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! Pretty stoked about that as well.

Weigh in tomorrow. Those girls are going down. See ya tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of an owl.


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