Day 818: Thursday Time!

For the interest of time, let me break this food down:

Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter 4 points 

Snack: Fiber One bar (that was oddly juicy…) 2 points 

Lunch: Leftover delicious chili! 11 points

Snack: Fiber One bar 2 points

Dinner: Peanut Butter Sandwich 4 points 

SAWS: Played Ultimate Frisbee with some friends from work. (Shout out to my Admissions peeps!) Followed by going for a very very cold run in Southwood. There were also some awesome Christmas lights out there!

Snack: Popcorn 5 points 

So today, I totaled out to 28 points! Hooray for being back on track! Megan and I did a lot of planning about how we are going to be weight loss studs in 2013. Get stoked. See ya tomorrow.



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