Day 221: Sunday Update

WARNING: this is going to be a hodgepodge of a post.

So today was pretty good with food. I did have a cinnamon roll and eggs for lunch but even that wasn’t too bad (wasn’t really filling though.)

A few months ago, Megan and I bought Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules book  which has a crapton of fantastic guidelines for weight loss. Bob Harper is a stud. Anyway, we are going to commit to the Skinny Rules for the month of January. It involves a lot of eating just real food. Something we have kind of deviated from recently. So with that will come some challenges, but ultimately a healthy kickstart to 2013! More on that later.

On Friday, we went with our friends Andrea and Phillip to Victorian Christmas in Thomasville and ate at the incredibly delicious Sweet Grass Dairy. If you come to Tallahassee, we’ll take you there!

Photo Dec 14, 7 54 27 PM Photo Dec 14, 10 06 56 PMPhoto Dec 14, 10 06 56 PM

Photo Dec 14, 8 08 47 PM-1


Finally, here is my favorite Will Ferrell skit. The week of awesome Christmas videos has begun! See ya tomorrow.


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