Day 822: Monday Post Stuff

I have no clue why I put “Day 221” on last night’s post. I would have gone back in time… to this post! (Well…close to it.)


Today was another big day in the weight loss win column. I was super good with my points! I will end up a little over because we are making Christmas goodies for friends and family so how can you not steal a cookie or a gum drop?

Breakfast: Now the hordes of college students have gone back to their homes in South Florida, this town is empty. It’s glorious. Not only can I get to work in less than five minutes, the caravan of cars in the drive thru lane at Starbucks is minimal! So I decided to head over there to get a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. I got the turkey bacon, egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich. Turkey bacon is generally hit or miss, but this was pretty good despite the fact it was kind of gray. Anyway, the sandwich was only 6 points and it kept me full the whole morning.

Lunch: I went the Jimmy John’s route today for lunch. I had the Turkey Tom with avocado spread instead of mayo. (Seriously Jimmy John’s, get a low fat option for the mayo!) I also bought a thing of Thinny Chips which were awesome! The only thing was I thought they were only 3 points because that’s what the nutrition facts say online. That’s only for one serving and a bag is two. Way to be sneaky Jimmy! Tisk tisk tisk. Either way, the sandwich was 7 and the chips actually came out to 5. 12 points 

I had a 2 point Fiber One bar. Yum.

Dinner: We had leftover spaghetti with Al Fresco sausage. We both had a massive salad before which helped along with some green beans. It was only about an 8 point dinner!

After Dinner: Like I said, we are making some Christmas goodies so when we were out and about, we got some Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog. It’s only 80 calories and 1.5 grams of fat for a glass compared to 200 a cup for other brands! Now I’m not a huge egg nog snob, but I know what I like: thick, not too much vanilla, and  creamy. It passed my test! 2 points. 

So I’m at roughly 30 points today so I’m going to try to be good for the rest of the night since I have the weigh in in the morning. Excited to see how that goes. See ya tomorrow.


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