These are 100 amazingly true benefits of weight loss. Brooks is so inspiring to me! What a stud! Can’t wait to get to that “half the person I used to be” milestone. Only 56.5 pounds to go!

Brooke: Not On A Diet!

Brooke: Not On A Diet: 100 Things I Can Do Since Losing Half Myself!

In case you missed it, on Wednesday I weighed in at 163.6lbs. This means that I have lost a little over half of my original weight. I have lost myself in weight, which is completely and utterly surreal to me still. Two of me equals the old me. I have lost a human being in weight!

Holy freaking shit.

I was 164 at my Weight Watchers meeting, so I was .2 from making it WW official, but that doesn’t matter. Since I weighed in at 164, that it the top of my healthy weight range, which means I can apply to be a WW receptionist!! My dream of becoming a Weight Watchers employee can finally happen.

Umm..holy freaking shit. 😉

I thought that since this is such a HUGE milestone in my weight loss journey, that I would do a fun post. I’m going to share a list of…

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  1. I cannot wait to be able to say I’ve done my version of this! I’m 50 pounds down now, so I’d dropped a child, and 20% of my starting weight, but I’ll have lost 40% of my start weight when I hit goal. So inspiring to see when someone does something so awesome!

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