Day 834: Christmas Recap

What a trip.

Driving in Louisiana is a nightmare, but man is their food amazing.

Instead of spending a crapton of money flying, we rented a car and drove across four states to spend Christmas with my folks in Texas! It was great to spend time with my parents and to see some old friends.

I’ve been on the road for a long tine this weekend so I’m going to recap a little more tomorrow. All in all though, I did eat a lot this past week, but I really did make an effort to be mindful with what I ate and I ate a lot more fruits and veggies than I have in a long time. With that being said, I did overdo it a few meals and I have retained a bit of water. Hopefully that will go down soon. Either way, I’m about to start Skinny Rules in a few days which is going to change everything. More on that tomorrow. In the mean time, here are some photos from our trip. From chicken n’ waffles to Molly the Dog, it was a great trip. See ya tomorrow.

Photo Dec 29, 8 00 22 PM Photo Dec 28, 12 12 10 PM Photo Dec 28, 11 55 45 AM Photo Dec 27, 7 05 12 PM Photo Dec 25, 11 21 36 AM Photo Dec 24, 5 07 47 PM Photo Dec 23, 8 13 41 AM Photo Dec 23, 1 53 53 PM Photo Dec 22, 11 30 07 AM


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