Day 842: Biggest Loser and Stuff

We’re watching Biggest Loser instead of Downton Abbey tonight and we don’t have DVR. We are dedicated.

So Skinny Rules are still going strong. Yesterday we had our first splurge meal which really turned in to a splurge day. We went to Momo’s and we shared a medium pizza (I had about four slices of pizza) which was really my real splurge other than “splurging” by having a Subway sandwich for dinner. (CARBS FOR DINNER???? AHHHH!) So really my splurge day would just be another day before Skinny Rules.

Today I was back to my new normal and it felt great. Clean eating just makes me feel better, so much lighter. I feel like it has cut out the calories that were just waste in my diet. I wasn’t counting those extra handfuls of chips or that extra plop of peanut butter which kept me from losing the weight. It’s those extras that you see on the scale. Can’t wait to see what the scale will say on Tuesday! Either way, I’m going in the right direction for me!

Breakfast: I had a sprout grains English Muffin with a tablespoon of peanut butter and of course a cup of water when I woke up and a cup of water before breakfast.

Snack: Like I was a toddler, I had my own little snack while sitting in church. Instead of Cheerios in a ziploc, I had a cut up apple and a stick of string cheese. It was perfect, because after church you go in to “I’M SO STARVING! LET’S EAT OUT RIGHT NOW! I’M SO HUNGRY I COULD EAT THE LINT IN MY BELLY BUTTON” (Don’t worry, it never came to that.) But what usually happens is we go eat out and not always at the healthiest place. Since I had had a snack, I was thinking clearly and we made lunch instead of undoing anything.

Photo Jan 06, 1 26 00 PMLunch: Megan made a small batch of chili. It was glorious and I didn’t overeat which was even more glorious.










Photo Jan 06, 5 02 31 PMSnack: During the Seahawks game (BEAST MODE!!!!) I made a protein plate of deliciousness. Now, I’m notorious for hating hard boiled eggs by themselves. The smell drives me nuts (just ask Megan or our friend Julie who eats them in our car sometimes.) But they have slowly grown on me. I’m starting to really like them sliced with a little cheese on my apple that I use as a cracker. Pretty delicious looking plate huh?








Photo Jan 06, 7 27 36 PMSAWS: Also during the game, I did 40 SAWStastic minutes on the bike. I would speed up during certain plays. I was really pushing it when Marshawn Lynch was beasting out those runs. I heart the bike.







Photo Jan 06, 7 54 05 PMDinner: Megan made a tofu stir fry. It was the first time she had ever cooked with tofu and she rocked it! Deliciousness.

So that’s it for tonight. I’ll talk about the rest of the Skinny Rules tomorrow night. For now, watching the Biggest Loser weigh in. Fun stuff. See ya tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Day 842: Biggest Loser and Stuff

    • That’s really cool! I like him a lot already. I think he’ll be a force to be reckon with because he’s the biggest contestant which usually means they lose a lot faster than everyone else. And he only lost 9 pounds this week so he should be set up for a big lose in Week 2 when most people don’t do so well.

      • I am excited to see how he does! I didn’t know him personally but he was someone everyone “knows” – you know how it is at a Christian college. There are times I get frustrated at the “big guys” who have the most to lose and don’t … the one guy a couple seasons ago….I’m an avid BL fan – the show always give me a little more oomph of motivation to keep on track.

  1. Tell Megan that stirfry looks awesome!

    How do you like your Polar? Mine is being shipped right this moment. Wednesday is the estimated date of delivery. I’m stoked!

    Awesome job on eating clean! Something I need to work on.

    • I will! It was fantastic! I’ll put up the recipe soon.

      I love my Polar! I’ve had it for a year and it’s still going strong. The chest strap is surprisingly comfortable. The only time I’ve have issues with it is when I was playing racquetball, but I think the battery was just dying in the sensor. After I replaced the battery it was fine. What model did you get? Let me know how you like it!

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