Day 851: A Frustrating Weigh In Day

Today has been one of those days…

It’s one of those days when I just eat whatever. It all began with me not preparing my food in the morning which lead to just eating random things (not like tin cans or other random random things…I’m not a goat.) Really, it would have been considered a terrible day, and I guess other than second breakfast the content of the meals weren’t bad, but I’ve just been stuffed all day. Even after working out, which is a gross feeling.

But before all of that, there was a weigh in…and it went way better than I expected! I lost .6 pounds this week! I’m back in the 220’s! Sure it’s 229.6, but things are going well! I have a good feeling about where things are going…DOWN!!!

Alright, back to food journal stuffs…

Breakfast: I had a sliced hard boiled egg (yeah…I eat a lot of those now) on top of a sprouted-grain english muffin. That was delicious…then the roof caved in.

Photo Jan 15, 8 39 53 AMBreakfast Part 2: So like many offices around the U.S. (and like in Office Space) there are monthly activities such as potlucks to boost morale and to feed the poor college student workers. Today, everything looked amazing. There were casseroles, monkey bread (sadly not made of monkeys) and even deer sausage (God bless the South.) I stacked my plate. While it was pretty delicious, it threw the rest of my day off. Next time: all fruit. (Fun Fact: I ate everything on my plate in a counter-clockwise fashion. No clue.)






Photo Jan 15, 1 56 16 PMLunch: I didn’t prepare my lunch and since I had my class, I resorted to buying the most overpriced sandwich of my life. I even ripped off the price tag to hide the fact that I paid so much for a tuna salad sandwich. Either way, it held me over. Between that and the banana I had in my backpack.







Photo Jan 15, 5 55 13 PMDinner: So we needed to go across town to run some errands and since by this point we were both pretty hungry, we decided to go to dinner at Newk’s. We haven’t been there in a long time, but I had remembered that their salads were the size of small children. I had the Ultimate salad that had ham, chicken, cucumbers, and other salad stuff. Not to mention their awesome honey mustard. The salad was filling beyond belief, and really the only non-skinny rules thing about it were the croutons. But like I said, I’m still full which is always weird.

SAWS: After all of this eating and such, I was ready to come home and workout. I’ve been wanting to try this spin workout for a while, but I’ve been a little worried about it. I thought today would be the day to break through my eating funk.

So here’s the breakdown:
5 minute warm up
1 minute mountain climbers
4 minutes on the bike with 80% resistance (aka biking through mud)
2 minutes of slowly decreasing resistance
2 minutes of sprinting on the bike as hard as you can
1 minute of bicycle kicks on the ground
Repeat intervals three times and then finish off with a 5 minute cool down.

I burned 541 calories in something like 46 minutes. I pushed myself a lot harder than I have in a while and it felt awesome. It was what I needed to reset from today. I’m going to be sooooooooore tomorrow. #Jellolegs

So even though it was just an off day with my eating, it’s just a day. Time to brush them shoulders off and get back at it on Wednesday. No pity party. No frustration. No down talk. It’s just a part of the process. Keep your chin up folks! You got this! See ya tomorrow.






2 thoughts on “Day 851: A Frustrating Weigh In Day

  1. Counterclockwise eh! I always. Always eat food via preference order. So I sample everything on my plate, decide which I like the best, least best, etc. and consume in said order.

    This even goes for sandwiches, where I make sure to eat the crust first and eat the goodie filled middle bread thing last.

    is crazy lady.

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