“You’re just at the beginning of your fitness journey. It’s going to be a long and painful road but you are going to feel so much better for making these steps today…So Dear Overweight Person out there who may be too afraid to invest in the gym, just do it. The gym is there for you. People buy memberships to the gym to better themselves. Not to judge others who come through the door.”

Journey To Awesomehood

Hi Overweight Girl,

I saw you glancing around when you first walked about seeing all the athletic people running their little hearts out on the treadmill. Your eyes gave you away instantly. You were wondering if you really deserved to be there or not. In a second, you had a quick argument with yourself on whether or not you should go over to that empty bike and I could see you quietly thank the lord that the bike was sort of off to the side. Less people who will be staring and judging. You fumble with your iPhone as you try to adjust the seat; your heart beat rising from pure nervousness, but you figure it all out in less time than you probably think you did. No it did not take you fifteen minutes to get accumulated and no one around you is laughing. Everyone is focused on their own goals…

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