Day 858: Weigh In Time!

Howdy! (I used to start each post with a salutation in a different language. Maybe I should start doing that again…)

So today I wasn’t sure how today’s weigh in was going to go, but it ended up going meh. I gained .8 pounds which means I’m back up to 230.4 pounds. Am I mad bro? Nah. In fact, I weighed in after work and I was still that weight. I think I just had some retained water which is just the circle of life. Like I said yesterday, I torched some serious calories last week and I plan on doing the same thing this week. Calorie burning feels awesome!

I have homework and other stuff to do before bed so let me do a quick quick rundown with photos tomorrow.

Breakfast: I had a sliced hard-boiled egg on an English Muffin. Awesome proteintasticness.
Snack: Apple and a cheese stick.
Lunch: I had some chicken I had grilled last week with some Uncle Ben’s microwavable brown rice (which tasted like cardboard.)
Snack: I had a packet of Justin’s Peanut Butter with a banana. I was impressed with how it tasted! I’ve heard mixed reviews from people, but I think the regular PB was delicious and the perfect pick me up for the afternoon.
Dinner: Megan made this delicious Pesto Chicken from SkinnyTaste! YYYYYEEEEERRRRMMM!
SAWS: Megan and I went to the Health & Wellness Center to work out. In August, FSU opened a new Health center which includes a new workout center. It’s smaller than Leach, but it has nicer machines, not as many meat heads, and overall is just a better facility. (But don’t tell your friends about it. I don’t want people to know about it…SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH)
Snack: After we worked out, I had some Fage yogurt with some deliciously ripe blackberries. Awesomeness.

So that’s it for the day. If feels to be back on the healthy wagon. See ya tomorrow.


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