Day 886: Hello Weigh In Day!

Today was a new day.
A new start.
It felt refreshing and liberating.
I finally feel like myself again.
What an awesome feeling.

So I gained .8 this week, but that was an incredibly welcomed number. I’m finally back in the low 230’s after being close to the 240’s all week. It’s crazy how my body fluctuates.

Now, obviously a gain is a gain, but I have a big plan to change all that. Starting tomorrow, I am going back to counting Weight Watchers points. I figure that I should go back to what got me to where I am today. With that being said, I’m going to try to incorporate more of the Skinny Rules in to WW. More sprouted grains, little to no carbs after lunch and A LOT of Greek Yogurt. Sounds delicious to me.

Sorry to cut this short, but it has been an exhausting day, and I’m ready for some serious sleepage. See ya tomorrow.


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