Day 902: Thursday Yo!

You guys, I’m seriously addicted to Freaks and Geeks. WHY IS IT ONLY ONE SEASON????

So I really don’t know why I haven’t been posting. It’s been kind of crazy around here, but things are starting to slow down. One thing I have been doing is lifting like a boss! It feels good to work out! I think it’s going to really help with my running too. I can’t wait to run another race (I’m kind of addicted to that too.)

As far as food today, I did really well! I brought my food to work, I portioned out everything and I made sure I had enough points for dinner with The Wolf and Phil (no, that’s not a 70’s folk band name.)

Here is the breakdown of the day, followed by photos of my ridiculous life.
Breakfast: 5 points
Lunch: 5 points
Snacks: 5 points
Dinner: About 24 points
Exercise Points: 10 activity points
1 Weekly Point used


Let the photos commence!







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