Day 906!

Why hello my dear readers!

The Biggest Loser is such a powerful show. It’s been so amazing to not only watch the contestants change their lives, but to also see the kids and their amazing progress as well. I hope they are bringing more attention to childhood obesity and the issues of bullying as well. This is something that we can’t ignore any longer. It’s time for our nation to make a change. Every child deserves a healthy life.

Shifting gears…

I have been keep close tabs on my eating and I have been lifting like a beast! I have no clue what came over me, but I just decided that I wasn’t going to care about how I looked, how I wasn’t lifting as much as the meathead next to me, or that wouldn’t see results immediately. Those were the things that have been holding me back because frankly, that part of the gym absolutely terrifies me. Ever since middle school, I have been the “weakling” when it comes to lifting. I’ve never had upper body strength and instead of doing something about it, I would do something else like cardio. It has always bothered me. So now I’m making progress already! I know that lifting will help my running and open the doors to other activities like surfing and other things that requires upper-body strength. Time to become a Fotographing Fit Kid.

Okay so moving to food today. In summation, I turned what could have been a bad food day in to a good food day! Megan and I went for breakfast at our favorite breakfast joint, Jim and Milt’s, since I took the day off from work since she’s on Spring Break. It’s not the healthiest breakfast place, but it’s filling. Then, we went to Sam’s Club to redeem the membership we bought from Living Social last week. I had a slice of their famous delicious pizza. When we were there, we stocked up on some incredibly awesome fruits and veggies!

When we got home, I realized that I was pretty high with my points. Sometimes when I thought I was in too deep, I would just decide not count my points. I didn’t do that today. I counted it out and decided to make a healthier dinner then I had planned! We roasted some brussels sprouts and put them on a baked potato with a little cheese and light sour cream. I also has some fat free cool whip and a handful of blackberries. Tonight, I feel full and with no regrets. I’m just so happy with where I am with my weight loss journey. Much more than I have in a long time. It feels great.

Here’s the breakdown with the photos:
Breakfast: 10 points
Lunch: 10 points (just for a slice of pizza)
Snack: 1 point
Dinner: 8 points 

Photo Mar 11, 3 19 16 PM Photo Mar 11, 5 54 33 PM Photo Mar 11, 7 54 11 PM Photo Mar 11, 10 49 47 AM

Now about the scale…
I am going to be happy with whatever it says. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and the rest will follow. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Day 906!

  1. The Sam’s Club pizza speaks to me while I’m there, but since I found out the nutrition information it makes me sick! When I was eating it the serving size was a fourth of the pizza and I would eat my fourth and half of my son’s, which was more than a whole day’s worth of calories.
    Thanks for the encouragement that you don’t have to let a high calorie or high point breakfast and lunch end up in a day out of control.

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