Day 914: Tuesday Stuff

Hey boo!

I feel awesome. My body is saying “hey brah, thanks for treating me right again.” Yah, I had gained .6 pounds this week, but at one point I was all the way up to 236. I’m finally back down to 231.6. I am so ready to get out of the 230’s for good. It’s time. Like I said on my Facebook page today, the name of the game this week is “consistency.” I’m going to stay within my points, drink my water and then get all SAWStastic in the gym this week! Even if I don’t see it on the scale next Tuesday, I know I’m going to feel better. Totally worth it.

Here is the breakdown of the day points wise. As you can see I did really well!

B: 3
S: 2
L: 4
S: 4
D: 7
S: 4
S: 5
Activity: 6

I also went on my first run since the half. If I hadn’t done a rough leg workout yesterday, it would have been a lot better. Either way, it felt great to be back in the running game. I’ll leave you with this parting shot. It’s especially for all of you who are still shoveling snow. HA! See ya tomorrow.

sunset in tallahassee


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