Day 9!9: Carry On Edition

Just wanted to check in and tell you that things are going awesome! I’ve been keeping within my points like a champ and I truly feel like I’m getting stronger everyday (I’m pretty sure Mark McGuire said that to Jose Canseco, but my situation is a little more legit…) So I’ll talk a little more tomorrow, but I just thought I would stop by and say hey!

I also wanted to post these lyrics last week but as I was posting it, The Biggest Loser blasted it during the finale. (Thanks for stealing my pseudo-awesome ideas, NBC.)

But anyway, I have heard this song a couple times and each time I get something out of it. Check out “Carry On” by Fun. and see what you hear in it. See ya tomorrow.

“If you’re lost and alone 
Or you’re sinking like a stone 
Carry on 
May your past be the sound 
Of your feet upon the ground 
Carry on “


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