Day 920: Monday Awesomeness

Don’t Blink.

(Doctor Who is dominating my life…)

Today has been pretty crazy! Had so much going on that my head is going to explode! Frankly, I’m not really sure where to begin! (I guess the beginning is a good place to start…)

Here are the highlights:

Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana on toasted flatbread. 3.5 points

Cheerios with a side of Duckface

Cheerios with a side of Duckface

Snack: A cup of dry Cheerios 2 points 

LunchLunch: Last night, Megan made this AMAZING sausage and peppers combo so I had some of the leftovers for lunch! I toasted up a flatbread and put hummus on one side. It made for an awesome little pita thingy (words…not good with them.) 6 points

Snack: 5 point White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar. Perfect for a pre-workout snack! I also had a cup of coffee because I do that before I workout because I’m weird like that.

I sweat. Sweating is cool.

I sweat. Sweating is cool.

SAWS!!!: We had a crazy time trying to find a parking spot, to the point that we were just going to go home and do something else. Then when we got to the gym IT’S WAS FLIPPIN’ PACKED!!! All the cardio machines were packed, except for a treadmill in a corner. At this point, I was pretty frustrated. Nothing was going right and I just wanted to go home. Then, I put in my earphones, blasted some TV On The Radio, and went to town. After a few miles, the gym started to clear up and a stair master (which is what I wanted to do) opened up. I climbed conquered 100 flights. This evening, Megan reminded me of how big that really was. You see, one time when I was incredibly obese, I got locked in the stairwell of my office on the 21st floor. I had no choice but to walk all the way back down. When I was obese, I always said that I was the healthiest fat guy in the world. I thought I was a lot healthier than I actually was. What I was was in complete denial of my situation. So anyway, I walked down (not even up) 20 floors of stairs. I remember my calves being sore for a week and my knees just aching. Today? 100 floors up in 13:26. Not a problem. After a few miles no less! It’s pretty awesome to realize how far you’ve really come.

hummus and snap peasSnack: After my workout, I had some snap peas with 2 delicious tablespoons of hummus!

Brussels Sprouts on a Baked PotatoDelicious Dinner: Megan has figured out how to make the perfect baked potato…so we capitalized on that awesomeness. She also sauteed some brussels sprouts, slathered on some sour cream and added some cheese. What do you get? THE BEST BAKED POTATO EVER!!!! 8 points!

I also had some grapes. Yerm.



Earthlete Swag!: This evening I got something awesome in the mail! MY EARTH FARE DISCOUNT CARD!!! This is one of the perks I get for being an Earthlete: 15% discount card. Pretty awesome huh? This is HUGE for us because we really work hard to buy organic produce and meat. This is going to make it some much easier! Another excuse buster! Can’t wait to break it in! Any suggestions?

So that’s about it for today! Tomorrow is weigh in day! I can’t wait to see what Captian Scale-o (my scale’s new name) has to say tomorrow. No matter what, the weight loss renaissance has begun!

See ya tomorrow.

earthlete meme

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