Day 921: Weigh In Time!

Why hello everyone!!!!

How do you like the type in the center? Personally, I really like it.

So I have been working out like crazy and I have been tracking my points down to the calorie. It is finally paying off! I lost 1.8 points! I’m finally back in to the 220’s (I mean, 229.8…but still) and I’m making great progress. I am only 18.6 pounds away from reaching my 30 in 90 goal!!!! OH SNAP!

Here’s how the day went down…
Lunch OopsToday had the potential of going horribly wrong, and I think in the past I would have let it become a caloric nightmare. Instead I made it an awesome win! You see, as I was walking out the door this morning, I left all of my prepared food on the kitchen table. I didn’t realize it until I went to grab them out of the back seat of my car. Fail. Sooooooooo I knew that I had to stay focused with my food and not detract too much. I started the day off with a 7 point bagel and reduced fat cream cheese and then I had a snackable size of Froot Loops (I had totally forgotten that it was spelled that way! Weird huh?) Anyway, so that was 3 points.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 10.33.31 PM

Lunch: I ended up getting my classic Turkey Tom with avocado spread instead of mayo (it’s the difference of 20-some grams of fat!). Delicious 7 points.

Running Time!: Even though it was flippin cold and the whipping wind, I went for a run out in beautiful Southwood! I wanted to test my 5k time since it had been a while. My time was 29:18 which is awesome! It means I haven’t lost any pace time since the half. One thing I did notice was that my legs are already in sooo much better shape thanks to my leg workouts. I had a lot more endurance, especially when running up massive hills. Squats have made the difference.


DINNEREarth Fare SwagAfter our run, we went to Earth Fare to break in my super awesome discount card! We took advantage of their delicious salad bar. As you can see, I made my plate 50% salad instead of how it usually is. I got a piece of really tender chicken and then a side of sweet potatoes. Their hot/cold bar is such a perfect post-run meal! YERM!
You can also see we got our share of deliciousness! Mostly some of our great staples: peanut butter, eggs, Tillamook cheddar, apples, coffee, etc. but I also got a few pears! They’re so good this time of the year (actually, I have no clue when pears are ripe…) We also got two bottles of kombucha that we drank on the way home. Overall, it was a pretty awesome haul! Can’t for the many other awesome trips to come!

So today I got to about 25 points (give or take). Even if my estimate is a little off, I still have exercise points. Awesomeness!

See ya tomorrow.

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