Day 942: Tuesday Weigh In

To quote Tony Kornheiser on the day of the Virginia Tech shooting “now, we have to awkwardly transition in to the rest of the news…”


Today was still a hard day. There is obviously still a lot of hurt out there. Time will heal the pain, but for now, we will move forward and support our friends however we can. Whether it’s wearing a racing shirt today or running a race to support our fellow runners through a run on Sunday, do what you can.


So now moving on to something that frankly just seems relatively insignificant right now.
On Monday morning, I was down to 222.2 pounds which was the lowest number I had ever seen on the scale. I was hoping to see that today, but the stress and the sodium of yesterday took its toll. I had a no gain today. Back to where I was yesterday. It is what it is. You deal and move on. Either way, I’m still securely in the 220’s which is still insane. It’s taken a long time to get here so I’m still happy with it.

Today was our pseudo-splurge day. We ate our share of delicious Indian and I had lunch with The Wolf and Phil today as well. Pretty delicious day. Tomorrow is back to business. At this point I’m on good track for 30 in 90 with 58 days to go. Pretty stoked to see how it goes. See ya tomorrow.


Oh yeah, I got a temporary TARDIS tattoo from Alt*Con this weekend…because I’m 7…and awesome.


2 thoughts on “Day 942: Tuesday Weigh In

    • Yeah, it’s still heavy on my heart and will be for a long time. I’m still going to write about my thoughts on the whole thing, but I’m giving it a few days. In the mean time, I hope my ridiculous life will provide some comic relief to my readers.

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