Day 956: I’m Here…

It was an insane week. But it’s done. Let’s just move on.

As far as everything, you haven’t missed much. I kind of lost control with my eating. Life is finally back to normal (no more class, no more papers, no more school stuff).

I’m exhausted (my life has been straight up Crazytown since last Thursday and I’m still feeling it) but I’ll be back to regular blogging from here on in.

Now to the weigh in. I did eat a lot of sodium (hence the “I hate sodium” status on my FFK FB Page) so I was up .8 this week but I have a good feeling things are going to get back to where they were. I was crazy to get a glimpse of what can happen when I just stick to my eating plan. The weight really did just peel off. I’m ready to get back to that.

Alright, let’s talk food and points and stuff.

Breakfast: Egg and toast 4 points
Cheerios 2 points
Salmon salad sandwichs 13 points
Snack: A delicious combination of Cheerios and Honey Bunches of Oats 5 points
Chilitastic deliciousness 9 points
Total: 33 points 

Not a bad day! I worked out for an hour today too so I’m in good shape. It was Leg Day and out of all of the bros at the gym, the only guys using the leg machines were me and one other guy. We both went for the squat machine at the same time. I let him go first and he said “it’s Leg Day!” and I said “I guess no one else got that memo…” Oh gym humor…see ya tomorrow.


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