Day 965: Thursday Stuff

Brooke the Baller

Brooke the Baller

If you haven’t read Brooke’s amazing blog, check it out as soon as you are done reading my ridiculousness. Last night, Brooke reached her weight loss goal! She has lost almost 180 pounds!!!! Check out her “After” blog (just click on the photo and it will sent you straight there!)


It feels like I haven’t actually written anything for a while. Well, now I’m back like a boss. Losing weight and taking names (or something like that.) Today was full of deliciousness, better yet, most of it was pretty healthy!

Let’s get started!

Breakfast: WAFFLEWICH!!!!! It’s been too long. No photo because I ate it in one fell delicious swoop!

tomato bisquegroup projectgrilled cheese

Lunch: So today was my friends Cindy’s last day at work [insert sad face here] so we all went to Paisley Cafe for lunch! It’s one of those places where all the things are delicious so you change your mind every time you look at the menu. I went with the tomato bisque and the grilled cheese sandwich. Food porn at its finest, ladies and gentlemen!

(This is where I drank a crapton of water.)

WatermelonyumDinner: For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE WATERMELON!!! It’s my favorite fruit…okay…my favorite produce. So when my my friend Tristan the Tristastic made watermelon gazpacho the other night, I was SWOOOOOOOOOOONED. Tonight, Megan and I made our own batch. This deliciousness has watermelon (duh), tomatoes, shallots, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, basil and mint all combined in to one bowl of amazing. We got to use Megan’s new hand emersion blender too!
(I have a bad history with emersion blenders. In 8th grade, I put my finger in the center of the blade and turned it on, slicing right under my finger nail, causing an enormous amount of blood to spew henceforth. I cried and sat outside waiting for my Mom to get back from the store. I was an odd child.)

Anyway, so that’s all I really had today. It was an awesome day. Tomorrow should be just as awesometastic. See ya tomorrow.


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