Seriously, someone call a scientist.

Where was I?

Oh yeah…


Confession: I wish I was a Muppet puppet master. My in my next life…

Okay, let’s get back to it.

Hi! Life is going swimmingly for the MacDonald Crew. Feels so good to be back to eating healthy. I already feel better! Huzzah for good decisions! 

Here’s how the day went:

We’re not ones to really sleep in on Saturdays (we like getting up pseudo-early like some goody Folgers commercial) so Megan and I went for a run before the beautifully horrible combination of humidity and heat drained our life force into oblivion. It felt good to run, but we’re back to the fun of running in the heat. Joy.

Speaking of running…
New KicksBack in April, I won $50 in gift certificates (yes, actual handwritten gift certificates) from Shaw’s Athletic during a raffle at the Run for Boston run in Tallahassee.  So today I finally put it to good use! Recently, my old New Balances have been killing my feet. My toes have been bruised and black under the nail since February and I’m pretty sure my big left tow is now deformed (but not like I’m growing a sixth toe or something. I live in Florida, not Arkansas.) Anyway, I finally got a new pair of awesome, not on clearance, running shoes! The worker at Shaw’s watched my walked and analyzed my running style. I found out I have a bit of a collapsed arch and some issues with pronation (where the sides of your feet roll out when running.) So he suggested a pair of Brooks. When I ran with them in the store, I thought “this is what running feels like?” I am so flippin’ stoked to try them out! I need to find a special trail/track in Tallahassee to break them in. Suggestions? 

Later that day…
Cajun Chicken Pasta
So then other stuff happened, and now we’ll move to a delicious part of the day (SPOILERS: we are making some delicious recipes this week. Stay tuned.) When you change your diet, you want to find lighter options of your favorite recipes. When Megan and I are looking for a different alternative, we usually turn to Skinnytaste! Tonight, it didn’t fail us.

One incredibly unhealthy dish we all know and love from Chili’s is their Cajun Chicken Pasta in all of its disgusting 1,460 calories and 75 grams of fat glory. Tonight, Megan and I made the Skinnytaste version of it AND IT WAS FLIPPIN’ DELICIOUS! Click here to check it out!

S0 that’s about it for today. More to come! See ya tomorrow.




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