I’m going to keep this short because Mad Men is on in 16 minutes…

Breakfast: Toast, peanut butter and banana. YERM.

Creamy Stovetop

Lunch: Megan and I made some delicious creamy stovetop mac n’ cheese for lunch. I had a small serving first, followed by a smaller serving with a bag of Brussles sprouts. It was fantastic. Meanwhile, in the crockpot, we were slow cooking a soon-to-be-succulent pork loin.

Then, I ran. It was hot. I’ll talk more about my awesome Brooks shoes and incredibly comfortable Balega socks. My body was exhausted in that 96 degree heat, but my shoes and socks felt amazing.

BBQDinner: A few hours, and a pair of never nude cut offs, later we shredded and sauced the loin and let it simmer for a little while longer. It. Was. AMAZING!!!!! I added a little more sauce with hot mustard and then, wait for it, some left over mac n’ cheese from lunch!!!!! All on top of a Martin’s 100 calorie potato roll. Indulgent? Yes. Delicious? Uh-huh. A much better and lighter alternative than eating out? You bet. Skinnytaste is my hero.

So that’s about it for now. I’ll talk about my shoes later this week. I also posted a NSV on my FFK Facebook page. Click here to check it out! (Don’t forget to like my FFKFB page too! I’m trying to get to 1,000 likes!)

Thanks for being awesome, dear reader. You’re my favorite deputy.

See ya tomorrow.


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