Stuff from Sunday

Greetings and salutations, dear readers!

Just a quick update about what’s been going on with the ol’ FFK.

Ready for it?


You are reading the words of the new PR and Marketing Coordinator for the Center for Leadership and Social Change at Florida State University. I’m not saying it’s my dream job, but when I sleep, I imagine it constantly. Essentially, I’ll be promoting all the good being done by the awesome students at FSU. I start on the 26th and I can’t flippin’ wait! One of the biggest perks? It is 50 feet away from my favorite gym on campus! I could easily get a quick workout in over lunch. It’s going to be awesome!

OK, let’s talk about food.

Shrimp and SquashTonight, we made some delicious squash and shrimp! A while back, we tried to make this jalapeno-lime shrimp recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. It. Was. Magical. Tonight, we replicated the awesomeness. Our awesome friend Becky gave us some squash from her garden so we cooked that up with some onions. (It’s good to have a friend with a garden.)








apple pieFor dessert, we took a recipe from Cooking Light and it made our house smell like a bakery. We made toffee apple pie with low fat ice cream. Check out the recipe here. It’s so easy, it’s a child’s recipe!


So that’s it for tonight. Mad Men is on. Spoilers: Don does stuff. See ya tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Stuff from Sunday

    • Thanks! And congrats to you on this new chapter in your life! I’ll make you a deal, my old job all yours if you’ll make me your VP of Marketing when you take over Weight Watchers one day. Sound fair? 🙂

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