Back on Track

Why hello everyone!

So I haven’t been posting because my family has been in town and I’ve been at Disney for the past few days. It was such a blast and a blessing being with my parents and sister! It has been too long!

This trip definitely felt more like a vacation than past Disney trips: we were staying on property (in the freakin’ Polynesian!!!!!), we ate in the parks and I was in the “I’m going to treat myself” mode from the first meal on. If I did anything right on this trip, it was that I found the closest Weight Watchers location (which is super close) and weighed in on Saturday like I would any other Saturday morning.  It kept me accountable, so even if I did overindulge on a cookie or three, I was in the mindset of how could make better decisions at the next meal. I did have access to free fruit all weekend which was awesome (club level yo!) so I took full advantage of that. Then…we walked all the miles and we swam in all the pools (not to mention going up all the stairs to get to the water slide. My Dad and I easily went on the slide 15+ times.)

I think if I would do it over again, I would have:

  • stuck with my snacks of celery and peanut butter
  • ate more dry salad before every meal (which I did the first day. Via Napoli in the Italy Pavilion has an amazing family salad…but they also have pizza made of crack and unicorn tears)
  • did a little morning cardio or something to pad the ol’ activity points
  • and limited myself to one splurge meal a day instead of splurging a little each meal

I absolutely do not regret how I did because it was a vacation and sometimes you have to splurge to get back to where you need to be. With that being said, you have to be okay with the consequences, good or bad.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.33.20 PMWhen I was driving back to the resort before the sun came up on Saturday, I realized how much I really do want to reach my goal. For a long time, I have been just letting myself plateau while making some progress here and there. What I know is that I like seeing the scale going down. So I’m back on track and ready for action. Wednesday’s post will be full of Disney photos and a video announcing our Earth Fare winners! See ya tomorrow.


One thought on “Back on Track

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip in every way possible! Calories don’t count at Disney, or at least I hope they don’t! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics! Good job on being mindful of your goals and also getting to your WW weigh in meeting!

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