Eating Local and Other Things

Why hello, dear reader!

I would like to tell you that I am out of this weird weight loss/blogging funk that I have been in, but I would be lying. I really have no clue what’s up. Luckily, I think things are starting to slow down at work (or if anything, reach a normal pace) so that should help with the blogging and such. Where I have been lacking in writing, I have been making it up with exercising! I have been working since the beginning of the month to to active for at least an hour a day. Even if I’m not getting ripped, I just feel better. It’s been a great way just to decompress from the day. Like tonight, instead of watching a two-hour block of Seinfeld, I went for a walk in the nature trail behind our house. It felt amazing to just reflect on the day and think about my goals, both weight loss related and not weight loss related.

Weight Loss Update
WISo this past week, I did my share of scale peeking. I checked out the scale every morning. It didn’t help me at all, it just made by Saturday morning full of angst and frustration. Then, I got on the scale at Weight Watchers and I had lost 1.6 pounds this week! I’m still a little that I’m the 230’s again, but I’m getting there. I’m okay with being patient as long as I’m making progress. Not just with the scale, but with my actions as well.

With that all being said, I had a pretty epic and brunchtastic cheat day on Sunday. I’m still kind of reeling from eating all the things. I’m definitely working on self control. To help recover from the week, I have decided to stay out of my weekly points as much as possible. I still have Activity Points if I need them (all the more reason to exercise this week.)

Weekends are going to be a challenge from here on in because it is FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Tailgating is about eating all the things. It will be a challenge, but I have been able to handle it in the past. Why should it be any different now?





So Nathan, what’s this whole “eating local” thing you’re talking about?
Orchard PondGreat question!
So over the past (almost) three years, we have tried to make the shift towards eating organic more produce and meat. For me, it’s more than the avoidance of using antibiotics and pesticides, it just flat out tastes better and when it tastes better, you’re going to eat it!
One thing we love about living in Tallahassee is the amazing system of farmers markets. We can get in-season Georgia peaches, fall squash and even grass-fed beef for about the same price of regular beef at the supermarket! This week, we took our locavoring a step further by joining a community farm share. Before you ask, no, we are not joining some farming commune where we recycle our own toilet paper. Simply put, we paid for three months worth of locally grown fruits and veggies from organic farms around the area. Every other week, we will go to the farmers market and pick up a reusable bag full of deliciousness. What’s in it, you ask? It depends on the season!





CSA SpreadHere is our spread for this week. Some of it you might recognize, some you might not.
This week, we had:

Eggplant (Orchard Pond Organics)

Okra (Orchard Pond Organics)

Sweet Potato Greens (Orchard Pond Organics)

Basil (Orchard Pond Organics)

Muscadine Grapes (Ladybrid Organics, Monticello,FL)

Bell Pepper (Orchard Pond Organics)

Along with: Avocados, Gala Apples, Pears, Nectarine and Pluots

The fun part of this farm share is that it forces you to try new things like Muscadine grapes (a sour fruit that is usually turned into a preserve) and sweet potato greens (which you cook with oil like collard greens). I love a good challenge.

pickled okraWhen I opened the bag and saw okra, I thought “we have to pickle these!!!” So we got on the interwebs, found a pickling recipe and got to work! We also added a sliced jalapeno (also from the farmers market) and some garlic cloves to give the okra a little more flavor. They are delciously hot and it was soooooo easy! It’s just another great way to have fun with your food and to appreciate where our food actually comes from.

So that has been my week. I’m running a 5k tomorrow night to support the FSU College of Criminology & Criminal Justice and their efforts to raise money for a fallen officer memorial on campus. Should be a blast! Oh, and hot. See ya later.







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