Day 1,153 That Time I Posted About Food

Alright, back to the basics. It’s not going to always be interesting and sexy (whatever that means for a blog) but this is what I need right now. Even if I don’t post, or have giant posts, know that I am tracking. Time to REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY get out of the 230’s for good.

Let’s begin, shall we?

SBUX Breakfast SandwichBreakfast: I had a turkey bacon breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. FSU’s President Eric Barron and his sweet wife Molly are usually at the Starbucks on my side of campus. They are usually in workout clothes. Basically, our President is baller. Fun fact: he’s an avid racquetball player. President Barron, if you are reading this, let’s play some time. I’ll even let you win. When I say “let you” I mean you would destroy me no matter what. Anyway, the sandwich was 8 points. 






OrangeSnack: We bought some satsuma oranges from Trader Joe’s. The are little flavor grenades of deliciousness. NO POINTS! 






CurryLunch: Speaking of Trader Joe’s, I had some chicken tikka masala. It is easily the best frozen meal on the planet (I’ve heard Mars has a pretty killer version of a Hot Pocket, so I’ll go with best meal on our planet.) 8 points. And yes, I look ridiculous. Then I had some TJ’s Greek yogurt for 3 points. 






skyBy the way, it was a beautiful day in Tallahassee. It was cold and actually felt like fall. I wish it would stay this way….






PhoDinner: After a long day on campus, we were ready for some delicious (and hot) dinner. We ended up at Pho7 for some soup. It was magical as always and roughly 16 points. 

Dessert: We went home for some delicious, low-cal hot chocolate. It was about 4 points with the amount of marshmallows I had.

So today I got to 39 points. Pretty good considering I was full all day! What’s better? I didn’t cheat. At one point, I had my hand in a candy jar and I had the willpower to get my hand out of there! BOOM! Weight loss win. See ya tomorrow.







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