Day 1,158 Monday Mania!

Why Hello! 
So as you may have seen on the interwebs yesterday that I ran 11 miles. It was glorious. I needed a gut check kind of run to really test not just my endurance, but my pain tolerance to see how far I could go. I walked maybe a half mile, but that’s being generous. Overall, I was impressed with my average pace. If I keep this up, I’m on track to beat my 2:11 half marathon PR in Feburary. Pretty stoked to see how it goes! 

Today was a pretty good day foodwise, but I’ll you be the judge of that… (actually, don’t judge. That’s not nice.) 

Breakfast: I started off with a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich (we bought what felt like a pallette of them from Sam’s Club this weekend.) They are the perfect supplement for my Starbucks breakfast habit. What’s even better? They are only 5 points! 

At my staff meeting this morning, there were apple fritters out and I had half of one…then a whole one. (Like I said, don’t judge.) Now in the past, I would just not count it, but I stuck to my guns and recorded the 17 points of deliciousness. Totally worth the points. 

Lunch: Last night, we grilled some delicious steaks along with some chicken for the week. We got a thing of a spicy greens salad mix with mustard greens and arugula. I added some of that grilled chicken with a litle olive oil and basalmic vinegar. A pretty filling 7 points.

Exercise: Group fitness class at FSU. A lot of strength training and ab workouts. I’m going to be soooooore tomorrow. 

Dinner: I finished off the day with a footlong ham sub from Subway. It was so filling! Definitely made it worth the 20 points. 

So today I got to 49 points out of my 51 allowance. Huzzah for good habits! See ya tomorrow. 


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