Day 1,161 All the Desserts Edition

So today…well…I ate a lot.
I have a thing for sweets. My sweet tooth takes up the majority of my mouth (and has severe cavities.) Today was his Christmas…but we’ll get to that later.

Stache Day 21Movember update! Some of you have been asking about Movember and how my mustache is growing. Well, here you go! It’s not great, but it can sure raise some money! As you can see, I have kind of a Reverse Hitler growing where that space under my noes doesn’t grow well. Hi Ho. Anyway, it’s been fun to grow it. Ready to grow a beard in December…or at least try to anyway.

About yesterday’s photos: So you might be wondering about those workout photos from Wordless Wednesday. Well, those were from my Start 2 Fitness exercise class! Yesterday, we have a few competitions like who could plank the longest, who could do the most pushups, that kind of stuff. All I wanted was to get first place in a competition AND I DID! Truth be told, it was a game that was totally in my wheelhouse: shuttle-run trivia. (Fun fact: kind of a trivia nerd who plays on a fantastic team called STEVE HOLT! and yes we yell that every time someone says our name.) Anyway, you had to guess a certain celebrity in the shortest time. The catch? You had to run 100+ feet to someone to get a clue and then come back to give your answer. My clues were: female, singer, debuted in 1999. Boom. Britney Spears. I got mine in three tries in 44 seconds. First place in that competition! Holla! Celebrate the small victories! Shout out to Ernst, Brendan and Angela at FSU Campus Rec for an awesome semester of getting fit!

Board Room?Breakfast: What’s the opposite of getting fit? Oh yeah, eating a sandwich with hashbrowns on it. Because that happened at breakfast. Not a good indicator of things to come. On a different note, people were having a business meeting inside of Atomic Coffee this morning with their own giant pad of paper. And before you ask, no, they don’t have a conference room. It was painful to watch and listen to (especially because they were talking about social media. I’m not sure they knew what Facebook was…). Anyway, the sandwich was good, but not the healthiest option. But somehow still healthier than most of my other meals today.



All the Desserts Candy ApplesI Ate Dessert For Lunch…Because I’m An Adult!: So today at work, we had a bake sale that benefited the United Way of the Big Bend. You were encouraged to try everything and then vote on your favorites. So I took that to heart. I didn’t even bother trying to add it all up. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of those apples. They just looked awesome. Funny story: the guy who made those is on WW too so I jokingly asked him how many points those were and then he laughed in my face and said “it’s for charity! When you eat something for charity, the points don’t count!!!” So I’m going with that delusive ignorance and calling a mulligan on this meal. Don’t worry, I paid for it later. I felt terrible the rest of the day. In other news, I love my job.


hot dogsSecond Lunch: After all the sugar, I needed something else in my body or I was going to die of my newly discovered diabetes. So what did this smart guy eat? Two delicious hot dogs from the iconic hot dog stand on campus: Mom and Pop’s. Ironically, Mom and Pop’s is the only food stand on FSU’s campus that isn’t owned by Aramark. Making it one of the few Mom and Pop shops that stood up to a big conglomerate and won. Anyway, yeah…they were good. But it’s ok! I had a Diet Coke that canceled out any calories I ate at Second Lunch! Hooray denial!





Chili!Dinner: To balance and completely cancel out every other calorie I ate in the day, I made chili for dinner. It was delicious, but I still kind of feel sick from eating all that sugar. Ready to run A LOT tomorrow evening. See ya tomorrow.


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