Day 1,165 Monday Update

I’m going to keep this kind of brief because I’m working on a few different things…

First: This morning, I took the Keep It Up, David’s Thanksgiving Pledge to: not have seconds, photograph what I eat, not to graze (a HUGE deal for me) and exercise! Read the whole post and take the pledge here! More on that later.

seared tuna saladsushiSecond: Megan’s brutal semester is finally coming to an end so we celebrated by going out for some delicious sushi and seared tuna salad. It was flat-out delicious. Love me some Jasmine’s! (Looks good, doesn’t it Chris Williams? Let’s do lunch sometime.)

Third: We continued our date night by seeing Catching Fire. I was really impressed. I think if I was chosen, I would immediately go to the Biogenesis Lab and roid up on A-Rod strength PEDs and then find those bath salts that made that guy zombie crazy (which also happened in Miami…WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH THIS STATE???) and then just destroy everyone. No trip to the Cornucopia needed. I’ll let my roids-rage-fueled blood lust do the work (yeah…I thought this a lot during the movie. I also thought about the possibility of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character was actually his character in Doubt and how that would play out.)

Movember Ad 1
It’s not too late to donate to my Movember page or to become a Stachetastic Run Sponsor!
Donate here and help us find a cure for prostate and testicular cancer! 

See ya tomorrow!

P.S. the Fotographing Fat Kid actually foto’d yesterday. More on that soon! 🙂



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