Take the KEEP IT UP, DAVID Thanksgiving Pledge!

I, The Fotographing Fat Kid, pledge that I fully understand the four rules listed above. I also pledge that I will follow all four rules on Thanksgiving Day in an effort to prevent uncontrolled eating. Keep it up, David! [or insert your own name, duh]

Keep It Up, David!

Thanksgiving is a few days away. Are you ready? I love Thanksgiving, because I get to see my family, whom I very rarely get to see. But it is a holiday built around a feast, and I know I can undo weeks of hard work with a day or two of uncontrolled eating.

For the past few years, I’ve given myself a couple rules to help guide me through Turkey Day. I’ve blogged about them during the past three years: they worked like a charm last year, and I broke both of them in minor ways in both 2011 and 2010. Even though I wasn’t perfect those years, the rules were still helpful, and I’m certain that on Thursday I can repeat last year’s success. In fact, I’m expanding my rules this year, and I’m going to make a pledge to myself that I will abide by them.

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2 thoughts on “Take the KEEP IT UP, DAVID Thanksgiving Pledge!

  1. Hey bud! Thanks for posting this – how awesome! I’m thrilled you took the pledge, too. Happy (early) Thanksgiving – we’re both gonna ROCK IT on Thursday!

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