Day 1,166

Still not completely sold on The Biggest Loser this season… It’s all feeling kind of forced. Not sure how many more seasons the shows has left. The issue is, I love what the show does, but I just doubt that it will be on much longer. It’s a shame the Biggest Loser Ranch wasn’t a RIDICULOUS amount for people to go to. Anyway, Biggest Loser rant over.

Let’s talk food. Delicious, delicious food.

Atomicpumpkin yogurtBreakfast: Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich followed by a non fat Honey Bear latte from Atomic (pretty, huh?) and then delicious container of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Yogurt. YERM!!!!





Whole Foods LunchLunch: We had to go pick up our racing packets and shirts for the Tallahassee Turkey Trot (which is going to be FREEZING COLD. That will be interesting…) at Capital City Runners which is next to our brand-spankin’ new Whole Foods! So we stopped in for lunch. I have to say this photo did not do this meal justice (my dinner photos on the other hand…) The cheese on the burger was muenster and it was scrumdulescent. I’m so glad that we have a Whole Foods in Tallahassee…:)




Steak 1Steak 2Dinner From Heaven: When we were at Whole Foods, we bought some deliciousness for dinner. We bought a pound of grass-fed sirloin along with some organic fingerling potatoes. I put chunks of mesquite in my BBQ chimney and lit up! I then cut the sirloin in half, padded it down with paper towels, sprinkled sea salt and some Cooper’s BBQ seasoning on the steaks and let them sit for a while. They were on the grill for about 25-30 minutes since they were cooking with indirect heat. I finished them off with a sear on the heat. I usually cut into my steaks to see if they are done, but this time I a meat thermometer which retained the juices a little more. When they were done, we tented them with foil and finished up the collard greens and potatoes. It was probably the best steak I have ever cooked. The meal was about $7 a person which was actually less than our lunch. The joys of eating at home…


hand turkey
So today was pretty awesome. Let’s finish off this post with a photo of a hand turkey. See ya tomorrow.


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