Tips For Staying Fit Over Break

This is a super awesome article written by one of my Start 2 Fitness trainers. Thanks for the Thanksgiving advice and workout tips, Angela!

FSU Campus Recreation

[written by Angela M.]

Here comes the holiday season: a time for bundling up in your favorite comfy clothes, enjoying the pumpkin and apple pies, and spending quality time with loved ones. We can all agree that there’s no place like home for the holidays, but spending a few weeks at home can run us off track from our fitness progress and goals. Here are some ways to enjoy the holiday break while maintaining your health.

Don’t overwhelm yourself at the dinner table. Instead of eating from a big plate, use a smaller one. You will probably still go back for seconds, (and thirds, and maybe even fourths) but a smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking that you’ve eaten more than you really have. At least this way, you’ll have a fighting chance of leaving the table before you slip into that seemingly inevitable holiday food coma. Don’t…

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