Day 1,178 Weigh In Time!

So Thanksgiving week was a little crazy. I eat my share, I avoided pooping myself during a race, and I played caretaker for a flu-ridden wife. I weighed in at 241.4 last Saturday and it nearly killed me. I sat in that Weight Watchers meeting feeling humbled and frustrated. Our group talked about remembering why were trying to lose weight in the first place and what our goals are. I realized that I had lost sight of why I was trying to lose weight. I have stayed in the 225-235 weight range for the past two years because I’m just happy to be this small! Going beyond that seemed a little scary. (Call it fear of success.) But I’m still in the obese category and I really do want to get below 200! So for now, my short-term goal is to get to 213.2 pounds which will put me at a 10% loss since officially starting Weight Watchers. This is definitely possible, but I need to do what I did this week: track my points, drink my water and be as active as possible. Here’s to another awesome week! See ya tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 1,178 Weigh In Time!

    • Jerk. But yes, I weighed a ton at one point in my life. They had to use a crane to get me out of the house. I was worried that if I died, Johnny Depp and Leonardo Dicaprio would just burn down the house I was in.

      In other news, I’m going to edit that in the post so everyone will be thoroughly confused about this exchange.

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