Day 1,205 Sunday Stuff

Fair warning: my fantastic Florida State Seminoles will be playing in the National Championship tomorrow night. Blogging may not happen, but I will be making healthy choices and running around like a crazy person all night because that’s what I do when I watch football.

Now that that’s out of the way…

So here’s what’s going on with the FFK! Weigh-in: Yesterday, we went to Weight Watchers for the first time since December 7th. At that point, I was down to 235.4 after a crazy Thanksgiving week of overeating. Well, the month got even crazier and involved a TON of stress eating and other craziness and while I exercised when over the holidays, I still got up to the 240’s (fudge is delicious.) On Saturday, I weighed in at 236.8. which is still high, but I’m one a killer hot streak of eating well. I finally have that “eating well” killer instinct back. It’s time to reach my goal weight.

Alright, so let’s talk about today’s healthy decisions!

photo 5Breakfast: I have been juicing and smoothie-ing like a crazy person ever since we got our awesome Nutribullet from Megan’s parents. For breakfast, I made a deliciously filling banana/kale/apple/carrot/superfood powder smoothie. So with WW Plus, fruits and veggies are no points so it’s only a 1 point smoothie because of the superfood powder. Some people say that you should count the points in the fruits and veggies in a smoothie. Any opinions on that, other WW members? Well, for now I’m counting it at a point because all it is was fruit, vegetables and water. And delicious. It was delicious too.






photo 4Lunch: for lunch, Megan and I went to one of the eight million pizza joints in Tallahassee (the joys of living in a college town!) and went to Joe Mama’s for lunch. The name is kind of deceptive. With a name like Joe Mama’s, you think it would be kind of a dive. Well, it’s actually pretty swanky and plays awesome blues music, along with a wood fire pizza oven. The last time we ate there, we both ate our own pizza, because pizza is our delicious kryptonite. Today, we just split a pizza and we were both super full. Holla! I figured out it was about 16 points. 

Snack: I made 3 points of popcorn. YERM!

So today I got to 29 points out of 50. I have eaten well and more importantly very healthy today. If I get hungry, I will eat some snap peas or something. Time to go. Downton Abbey is on. See ya tomorrow.





photo 2Other Snack: before dinner, I made another smoothies THAT WAS FRUITASTIC!!! It was a blueberry/mixed berry/pineapple/banana smoothie that tasted a lot like the Razzmatazz smoothie from Jamba Juice without all the added sugar! 0 points but CRAZY filling!







photo 1Dinner: For dinner, Megan made pork chops and green beans. They were fantastic and that plate was only 9 points!



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