Weigh In And My Rough Patch

A week ago, my blog post about Rachel Frederickson and the Biggest Loser went viral like a boss. I ended up with 5,177 views, which blew my puny 90 views the day before out of the water. Well that was pretty cool :).

After the Tallahassee Half, my weight was up. Really up. So it wasn’t really the best time to weigh in. I was up to 251.6. Yikes. Haven’t seen a five in a long time. I knew that number was going to come down, but truth be told, I was terrified that it wasn’t going to go back down.

So instead of tucking my head in the sand like I have been, I was proactive about my eating habits, specifically at night which is when my eating is at it’s worst. I started off with a good breakfast and a sensible lunch with free snacks like carrots in between. For dinner: a simple protein like chicken or steak (yes, steak) and as many veggies as possible. One night, we made this delicious beef and broccoli stir fry recipe from Cooking Light (check it out here!). I would finish my dinner with some chamomile tea for desert.

Simple enough of a day right? Sure, at least for the first day. The second day was a struggle and the third day was ended with shoveling down pepperoni pizza. My habits and will power feel like they are back to square one sometimes and that’s frustrating for how long/how far I’ve come along in this journey. (Don’t worry, I’m getting to the happier part…)

So after struggling those days with a few wins thrown in here and there, I was on my way to Disney to see my family! Hooray family! As most of us know, eating on vacation can be tricky. You have to go in with a pretty strict mindset if you want to keep your head above water. That’s exactly what I did. I picked grilled chicken over burgers, I drank a lot of water and coffee, I was conscious of what I was eating when we went to Ohana’s (Google and marvel at the deliciousness) and I ordered a fruit plate instead of ordering my favorite artery-clogging three meat breakfast platter at one of my favorite breakfast places. Oh, and I walked a bazillion miles! (You burn calories from screaming on roller coasters right?) I left Orlando with a feeling of a win under my belt. It was a good feeling knowing that I didn’t completely undo the work I had put in during the week. So on Monday, I weighed in at 245.8 which was a 5.8 pound loss. I’m happy and relieved with that number, but I know that there is a lot more to go. I’m sick of seeing a four instead of a three or a two. It’s hard to feel like I’m losing control which makes every meal harder and every decision a little tougher. All I can think about is eating and deciding what to eat. Then when I go to eat, I order nachos (head thump). It takes a lot of my energy which just sucks. I know I’m over-thinking this whole process because at the bottom line the process is simple: eat less, drink water, exercise, be patient.

That’s where I am. I know I’m in a bit of a rough patch, but I’m ready to just move on from here.

Have you been in a rough patch like what I’m talking about? How did you break through that funk? Advice is welcome and encouraged.


6 thoughts on “Weigh In And My Rough Patch

  1. Hmmmm. Don’t know if I’ve shared that I’m a lifetime WW member (although I am currently above my goal weight). I think it’s super challenging when you get stuck in that “always thinking about what I’m eating” place (and we’ve all been there…..). I think part of the key is having faith in yourself and the process — by incorporating so much exercise you’re doing yourself a HUGE favor. Just know it’s a lifelong process that one plate of nachos won’t completely derail. I think you might like my friend Matt’s post(s): http://mattwilsonpersonaltraining.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/good-habits-part-i/

    • I didn’t know that! That’s awesome!
      I feel like my confidence pops out every once in a while in the sea of uncertainty, but I need to keep it up. I really liked your friend’s post! Thanks for sharing that!
      And as always, thanks for reading and being awesome :).

  2. I can without a doubt relate to this!! Stress eating and overthinking my eating are my biggest enemies/struggles. In times like these, I try so hard to visualize where I started, how I felt and how much better I am as a person now that I’ve made it to this point. I will ALWAYS struggle with food…for me, that’s a given, BUT it won’t always be this hard and I CAN make it through these rough patches!!! Success is the only option I will allow myself to have! Keep your chin up an remember how much you’ve already achieved!

  3. Your road isn’t a straight line down the mountain; it will twist and turn, go up and down. As you journey to the goal(s) you have set for yourself, you will undoubtedly hit rough patches where you suddenly feel like you are going in the wrong direction. It’s at these times, when you may become so focused “eating and deciding what to eat” that it’s good to take the lens back for the wide angle shot so you can see the overall trajectory you are on. I am new to this blog, but my sense is that you have made a lot of progress…your momentum will carry you through your rough patches. You will see 3’s and 2’s and beyond…

  4. I feel ya! I was doing really well, had hit a level of healthy eating and fitness I’d never been at before and then it started to slip, and slip, and slip and before I knew it I’d taken so many steps backwards I didn’t know how to get back to eating healthy and exercising regularly again. I’m still struggling with eating healthy food in the right portions and exercising is so hit and miss most days I feel there is no point, sigh. The rough patches suck! But I am finding taking baby steps is helping me get back on track. Taking on small fitness challenges (I’m currently doing a 30 day squat challenge) and having a couple sessions with a trainer to learn some new exercises and get a fitness evaluation. I also got rid of foods I can’t control myself around (goodbye peanut butter, I miss you!) and learning how to make cooking fun.All these little things are what is helping me to get out of my rough patch.
    You’ve done such amazing work already and I know you’ll continue to rock this whole getting healthy thing! You know what to do, and I’m sure you’ll find things to help you out of your rough patch. Remember your goal but more importantly remember how far you have come! 🙂

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