Using Social Media to Reach Your Goals

The FFK got some blog love today on FSU’s Campus Recreation blog today! Look for my awesome name!

FSU Campus Recreation

[written by Angela M.]

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Social media provides great resources for getting motivated (case and point: you’re reading about motivation on social media right now).  With access to so many apps and websites, it is important to properly utilize social media to further your health and fitness goals.

A few months ago, I searched hashtags like “fitness” and “healthy” on Facebook & Instagram and followed pages that are health-and fitness-themed. Now, in the mornings, when I am still in bed scrolling down my Instagram feed (I can’t be the only person who does this), the first images I see every day are new reasons to work hard!

My Fitness Pal is a handy app used for tracking caloric and macro-nutrient intake each day. Before using that app, I had no idea that I ate a lot more calories than my body burned each day, causing me to store the excess as…

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