Day 4: A Worded Wednesday

So I know Wednesday’s post are usually wordless, but today was a little boring. Next week, I’ll make sure my Wednesday post is completely wordless! :).

photo 1Breakfast: I stayed home from work today after a night of feeling sick and not being able to sleep (which is why I started yesterday’s post at 5:30 this morning…). I’m feeling better today, but I’m still not feeling 100%. Either way, I’m going to go in tomorrow after I take my car to the shop. Joy. Anyway, I made this super delicious PB&J Smoothie that I made up this morning. Sounds delicious right? Good thing I’m posting the recipe soon! 8 points.

photo 2Lunch: Leftover spaghetti. Noms. 13 points including a little chocolate for dessert.
photo 4photo 3
Afternoon snack:
I had a Morning Star quinoa burger and a little watermelon. It was swell. 9 points

photo 5Dinner: Megan made these killer chicken cutlets with sherry garlic red pepper sauce and some garlic parmesan red potatoes. It was 21 points of pure deliciousness!

So today, I got to 52 points out of 48 which is better! I also drank a lot more water today compared to the rest of the week. That’s a win of its own. See ya tomorrow.


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