Day 5: Food And Stuff

It’s been a loooong day that included walking all over Tallahassee. I dropped our lovely Malibu Stacy at the shop and then walked to work. THEN I walked home. It was hot and humid, but bareable!
So needless to say, I’m pretty wiped and almost ready for bed. (And since the Cowboys didn’t pick Johnny Football in the NFL Draft, I have no reason to stay up any more…)
So really quickly…

Breakfast: Toast with peanut butter-6 points

Drink:Iced coffee. YERM!!! 4 points

Lunch: Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom. Delicious as always 13 points

Dinner: Holy deliciousness, Batman!




Tonight, we put the ridiculously awesome Cook’s Illustrated cook book she got for her birthday to go use. (Full disclosure: I bought it for her because she really wanted it. But I’m definitely benefiting from it :)) Tonight, grilled two pork tenderloins with a chili mustard spice rub. It was perfectly paired with some zukes and tots (I don’t actually talk like that. I’m not Guy Fieri….because…I have a soul.) Anyway, it was magical and I am soooo stoked to make pulled pork sandwiches with the leftovers. 20 points

So I have 43 points on the board, but I think I might be missing a few things. Like I said…crazy day. Either way, I’m feeling pretty good about how I’m doing this week. Even if the scale doesn’t show it on Sunday, great habits are being made. See ya tomorrow.


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